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How we are working
If you would like to consult us, please, contact our managers by phone or email or visit our office. Our consulting agents will answer all your questions concerning the technologies and materials, which we use, and will provide quick advice on your order by matching your desires to the company’s current and future potential. You will receive information on how much you are going to have to pay for what you want for your home.
Measurements are carried out by qualified professionals, which is a must for a successful renovation. Proper measurement of window holes (as well as existing frames) will help you make ideal windows for your house. We trust only those specialists to do that who have been doing it for more than 5-7 years. Measurements are carried out as agreed with our customers and take little time.
We possess all tools necessary for manufacturing windows, and that is what our customers consider a big advantage. First, with measurements at hand, it takes less time to complete an order. Measurements are sent to our engineers and then to the production department, right after the contract is signed. Second, we guarantee that our windows reach due quality levels and meet all international quality standards within their category.
Delivery and installation
The manufacturer is also responsible for delivery and installation. In this case, the guarantee covers windows and all fittings and components. Goods are delivered by specially equipped fragile cargo vehicles and installed by professionals with a background of 5 to 7 years. Delivery and installation are carried out quickly and professionally and on time agreed with the customers.
Would you like to know the price of your windows? Please, send your draft to us and get an account in two copies!
About company

We have been manufacturing wood, wood/aluminum, aluminum, and plastic windows for more than 15 years.

Every our project is carried out with the use of our creative potential, and therefore they boast exquisite aesthetics and functionality. Wooden windows are the most demanded venue. Eco-friendliness is the greatest advantage of this type of windows, so we guarantee that you and your loved ones will feel well in your home. Windows made of natural wood are viewed as a paragon of taste and quality. Wood patterns attract attention and bring aesthetic pleasure. Such windows go well with all interiors and designs. Being eco-friendly and durable, oak, pine, and larch windows survive all climates and provide excellent thermal and acoustic isolation.

We take the choice of fitting and component suppliers very seriously, as we choose only the best products available, so that our customers can enjoy top quality transparent glass elements. This approach will guarantee that windows, which are professionally and lovingly crafted by our employees, will create a unique aura of comfort and freedom, particularly from noise, cold, and heat. Our team makes reliable windows both for privately owned cottages and high-rise apartment buildings.

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