Futura offers a broad selection of high quality windows and doors. Our services also include interior design development with the use of natural wood finish. Our specialists are ready to fulfill our customers’ dearest wishes.

So far, we have gained a lot of experience and carried out hundreds of projects, and the positive feedback that we are getting testifies to our specialist’s professionalism. Exclusive interior design solutions that incorporate wood finish give you an opportunity to create a truly stylish and convenient environment for life and work with the use of high quality materials only.

Futura’s projects include wooden furniture and stairways, which boast original designs and are built according to individual orders; these include unique interior designs for bedrooms, living rooms, halls and other types of rooms, as well as:

  • Kitchens
  • Wooden wardrobes
  • Wooden interiors
  • Studios and billiard rooms
  • Doors and arches
  • Stairways
  • Bars and ceilings
  • Arches and portals
  • Wall panels
  • Radiator screen panels
  • Wood interiors
  • Beam ceilings
  • Wooden interior design elements
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