PVC windows enjoy unflagging demand among our customers, particularly among urban residents. This is particularly the case with plastic windows that are crafted from high quality KBE and Artec profiles. Today, these brands are known to be an excellent alternative to wooden windows.

Main advantages

  • Thanks to low prices, our windows have made a bang in construction markets
  • High wear resistance makes them usable in both residential and office buildings
  • Lightweight PVC windows can be used in old buildings (in windows and balconies) without using extra fittings
  • Their longevity competes with that of the most reliable and highest quality wooden windows
  • Absolute moist resistance (rain, snow, fog, etc.)
  • High thermal and  acoustic insulation capacity makes plastic windows great for using in areas with a high levels of noise

We use Siegenia fittings

siegenia-aubi-titan-af«Siegenia Aubi Titan AF»
Siegenia Aubi Titan AF fittings are tailored to comply with heavy-weight and non-standard solutions. They are made of a different kind of alloy and feature advanced anti break-in security systems.
siegenia-aubi-favorit«Siegenia Aubi Favorit»
A modern and module-based profile system is comparatively cost-effective yet boasts advanced maintenance characteristics.

Other things we can do

  • Cold windows for summerhouses, verandahs, balconies, and other seasonal objects
  • Warm windows for sunrooms, balconies, and pavilions
  • Windows for winter gardens and dormers
  • Windows for all types of premises.
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