Larch windows belong to a not-for-everyone category. Larch pulp boasts lots of advantages, although the tree can hardly be considered as common. Also, larches grow slowly and therefore belong to a group of slowly renewable resources.

Fresh pulp features exquisite patterns, but it is not as dense as oak pulp. However, while other types of wood tend to collapse due to negative outside influences, larch wood, vice versa, grows stronger. It is ancient Siberian larch that the piles of Venice, the Eighth wonder of the world, are made of. Even though the piles are permanently immersed in water, which is an aggressive medium, the wood retains and is even improving its properties.

Larch is known as the healthiest types of wood. Gum and phytoncides, which the wood contains, create a healthy environment in rooms with windows and wall panels made of larch. Both living larch trees and larch interior elements have a curative effect on people with weakened immune systems, children, and seniors.

We accept any and all orders regardless of complexity. Thanks to our huge background, we know how to evaluate and process raw materials, carry out primary conversion and finishing. Getting larch to shape your house is our ultimate goal. We hire specialists who craft both regular and extraordinary window design solutions.

Larch and oak window color variations


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