The Futura Group stems from Futura – an international company, which was founded on December 15, 1999.

The group comprises enterprises whose goal is to satisfy the highest requirements of those who use wooden, PVC, and aluminum windows, doors, and partitions.

We provide:

  • windows
  • balcony doors
  • inner and outer entrance doors
  • partitions
  • stained glass
  • front porches
  • bathroom partitions
  • glass units
  • stairways

We use advanced equipment and hire qualified specialists.

Our quality standards have provided us compliance certificates and declarations for all products we make. The list of materials and parts includes only high-quality and time-tested items and Siegenia fittings that are made in Germany. Glass units are assembled with the use of an aluminum distance-time frame, as well as in keeping with DuraSeal, a new Canadian technology. A customer may choose to have his or her glass units filled with argon, a noble gas.

Performance characteristics and, most important, reliability of our products combined with attractive pricing policies, guarantee fruitful cooperation with building contractors. Participation in major construction projects has provided us rich experience, particularly in residential buildings. Our customers include major businesses, factories, plants, shopping centers, as well as health care, cultural, and educational organizations.

Our industrial capacity allows us to release 3000-4000 square meters of produce of any type of configuration and complexity level.

Years of experience, high ethical standards, customer-oriented approach and high quality make us a decent company.

+375(29) 387-87-97