Our company has been making wooden windows for over 15 years. We approach each our project with full integrity as we strive to live up to our customers’ pickiest tastes and provide truly reliable products, which will last for decades. All our windows are eco-friendly, and none of the fittings we use will ever disappoint you. Prior to accepting an order from you, we will happily consult you on what kind of wood, fittings, and design solutions to choose. We will help you select glass units in wooden fittings, whose thickness will complement your apartment or house. Buying wooden windows is easy and, most important, affordable, because you are buying directly from the manufacturer without any hidden costs.

Pine windows


Pine is the most popular type of wood to be used for windows. Low price and superior quality gives these glass units a number-one position among those made of other types of wood. About 70% of all windows are made of pine. This wood is impervious to destructive outer influences and is easy to process. Pine logs look attractive. Patterns will please your eye hundreds of times. This wood boasts superior thermo-insulating and sound-suppressing properties, very high density, yet low weight. Pine windows are an excellent choice at an affordable price.



Oak windows

okn_dybOak was popular among our ancestors, who valued it for its outstanding density and longevity. Definitely, oak is much more expensive than pine, but it is really worth the price. Oak windows look very different from their pine counterparts. They will create an atmosphere of safety and wealth in your house and irradiate power and confidence. Oak profiles, which are used by window manufacturers, boast features that guarantee high quality and structural reliability. Windows are crafted from front-lamella profiles that give oak windows a high aesthetic value and exquisite beauty.



Larch windows

okn_listLarch is an eco-friendly and healthy material, and it is highly demanded in construction. All larch windows boast rare natural insect resistance, and they are more moist-resistant than those made of other types of wood with similar characteristics. Larch’s key trait is its influence on the human body, as it can balance blood pressure and even soothe headache. Larch windows are impervious to temperature drops and retain their shape and structure. As to longevity, there is a larch log out there, which has been stuck in the ground for 2,500 years.



Wood window color

Thanks to advanced and highly resistant paints and lacquers, you can buy a window of any color. This is about using both primary colors and hues, which can complement your individual interior design. Also, you can buy windows made of your preferred type of wood, featuring a protective coating of your favorite color. All positive characteristics of natural wood will be intact.

To order wooden windows, please, select your preferred type of wood and explore the color palette. Whatever color you choose, it will not affect the price of your chosen product. You can buy oak, pine, and larch windows from us and enjoy an optimal price/quality ratio.

Making wooden windows

The Futura Company has been around since 1999. Today, it is an advanced and high-tech manufacturer offering a broad spectrum of products, including wooden windows of all complexity levels.

We can change and/or improve characteristics according to our customers’ requirements. For example, for better insulation, a glass unit can be filled with argon instead of air.

If you are planning to buy wooden windows, Futura will offer units and provide certificates of compliance and declarations. We sell our products both in Americas and Europe.

Window installation

We craft high quality windows for apartments and rural homes. However, we realize that longevity depends on how well a window is installed. Therefore, installation is part of our service as well. Our specialists install pine, oak, larch windows, and those made of other types of wood.

We hire trained and experienced professionals, who follow all technical regulations, maintain the company’s reputation and pursue a high customer satisfaction level.

Colors of larch and oak windows


Colors of pine windows


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