Many top-hung sliding doors are transparent. These doors boast a tremendous architectural and aesthetic potential. Such elements suit rooms of all sizes. Just one half of it can be up to 6 m2, and it can weigh up to 400 kg. The only limit for the number of parts is the customer’s imagination.

Top hung doors can be made of any type of material ranging from aluminum to wood. Therefore, these doors perfectly fit any interior and create additional aesthetic focuses.

In the closed position, top-hung doors ensure hermeticity, which makes them suitable for administrative and office buildings, as well as residential ones. For example, they can be used to decorate doors leading to balconies and/or terraces. Top-hung portals can be driven mechanically or automatically. They have a reliable sealer element all along the perimeter, which provides high thermal and sound protection. It is possible to install other elements on such doors, particularly anti break-in systems.

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