We offer a whole array of services, such as:

  • Measurement

We provide accurate accounts on deformities, if any, and individual characteristics of doorframes and window openings, and include customers’ requirements. This approach helps us to avoid installation issues. All procedures are carried out by qualified and experienced professionals.

  • Shipment and delivery

It is carried out as agreed with the customer, regardless of location within city limits or outside. Products are shipped vehicles designed for this purpose, which will guarantee safety for your windows and quick arrival.

  • Installation

Installation is carried out by a team of skilled professionals at a time chosen by the customer. The procedure includes installation of units themselves (in strict accordance with current standards, regulations, and manufacturer’s specifications) and other elements, such as window sills, reveals, mosquito nets, etc. It is the quality of installation that defines the reliability and longevity of your new windows, doors, and other items.

All work is subject to warranty.

  • Maintenance and warranty

We provide 36-month warranty maintenance for advanced wooden windows. Warranty terms are described in the agreement and shall cover all supplies and fittings, as well as any and all types of installation work.

  • Renovation

Renewal is carried out at the customer’s location and includes minor repair of wooden parts, correction of defects and damage in wood and lacquer coating, replacement of fittings and glass units, as well as, upgrading and adding new equipment, which can to enhance functionality.

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