Compared to windows made of other materials, oak windows are rightful leaders in all functional characteristics. There is no tree in the area, which can compete with oak in density and, consequently, longevity and thermal insulation capacity. It was not for nothing that ancient people worshipped oak as a totemic tree, the tree of life, and the tree that kept the sky hanging over Earth. Cedar is the only tree that can claim a similar reputation.

Oak’s life ranges between 50 and 1000 years. Windows are made from trees that are 30 to 50 years old. Oak windows are the most expensive ones. Indeed, it is the fairest solution for a residence. All homes, where oak windows are installed, are warm and cozy and do not pose extortionate heating/cooling bills or let in annoying noise.

The natural beauty of a wood pattern can please the eye of the most fastidious interior aesthetics gourmet. There are scores of oak wood types, so you can select your preferred color permutation and treatment, which will cast a shade on a natural pattern and ‘embed’ it into the interior.

Our company offers a broad selection of window frames made of natural oak, so that every client can choose what he or she thinks is the best. If necessary, we can craft an item on an exclusive order as may be required by a particular interior and/or exterior design solution.

Larch and oak window color variations


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