Wooden folding doors – both solid wood and those with glass – make up a simple yet functional system, which you can stack up near the wall in a light move of a hand and open a wide passageway (usually 6 to 7 meters wide). Folding doors are used in average-size apartments, spacious office rooms, huge studios, etc., providing for optimal use of space and quickly adjusting it for any immediate purpose. Each half may have a ventilation function.

Folding doors with glass can be installed to face a garden area (including winter garden), terrace, balcony, roofed pool, etc. To ensure reliable protection against cold, dust and other adverse outside influences, these doors have advanced glass units featuring double sealers and a special kind of locker system. Therefore, even if the doors fold outwards, there is a reliable anti break-in protection.

To ensure longevity, these doors use titan fittings. Wood (if it is used at all) is protected by a special kind of joint bars and anti-corrosion elements. Additional anti break-in elements are no longer a rare feature either.

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